Iphy (ailes_de_verre) wrote,


Nobody knows how I feel
Nobody knows how I'm lost
I want to move away from the world
Away from the crowded room
and nobody will ever know
I've been here
Lost in the darkness of a land
where I have no memory
of ever being taken by hand
sunlight on my face
has never been
nothing to hold on that is real
nothing to hold on that is fantasy
what there is for me to give
what there is for me to believe
all i want is to go away
in my own shell I want to hide
till the sea will wash me away
i wanna be young and clean
all i was doing is
looking for someone
desert in my head
the dreams i had shattered,broken,lost
in this silence
i am sinking
but inside my shell
there's a lullaby for me
Tags: personal, poetry

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