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[I'm feeling | Image hosting by Photobucket nauseated

from in the shadow she calls
and in the shadow she finds a way
finds a way and
in the shadow she CRAWLS
clutching her faded photograph my image UNDER her thumb
yes with a message for my heart
yes with a message for my heart
she’s been everybody else’s girl
maybe one day she’ll be her own

everybody else’s girl maybe one day she’ll be her own
and in the doorway they stay
and laugh as violins fill with water
screams from the BLUEBELLS can’t make them go away
well I’m not seventeen but I’ve cuts on my knees
falling down as the winter takes one more CHERRY TREE
rushin’ rivers thread so thin
limitation dreams with the flying pigs turbid blue
and the drugstores too safe in their coats
and in their do’s yeah smother in our hearts a pillow to my dots
one day maybe one day one day she’ll be her own
and in the mist there she rides and castles are burning in my heart
and as I twist I hold tight and I ride to work every morning wondering why
“sit in the chair and be good now” and become all that they told you
the white coats enter her room and I’m callin’ my baby callin’
Tags: personal, poetry

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